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Image of 369-187 - Print, Photographic

369-187 - Print, Photographic

POSTCARD "First Brick Building Completed After the Fire" - 1906

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2012.01.032 - Print, Photographic

EI2012.01.032 - Print, Photographic

Wagonload of people, Louis Arata, driver, no date Photos EI2012.01.025 through EI2012.01.076 are selected from a photo album, black pages, loaned by Don Arata.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0343 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0343 - Print, Photographic

Preparing for YLI benefit dinner by St. John's Church members, no date Published in Healdsburg Tribune, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.1018 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.1018 - Print, Photographic

Klasina Keessen, speaker at Healdsburg Garden Club, 1957 Per newspaper clipping affixed to back of photo: "Klasina Mathilda Keessen, lecturer and garden consultant, extreme left, was the main speaker at the Healdsburg Garden Club meeting held Monday afternoon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church Hall. Shown with the lecturer, are left to right, Mrs. Harold Hoskins, Garden Club president, Mrs. Dallas Wagers, vice-president and Mrs. G. F. Miller." P ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.33.1 - Print, Photographic

88.33.1 - Print, Photographic

Rev. John H. Pearson Jr. - new minister of Windsor Community Methodist Church replacing Rev. Donald Donihue

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0661 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0661 - Print, Photographic

YMI (Young Men's Institute, Catholic Church) Regatta, 1952 Boat moving at high speed on Basalt Lake Published in Healdsburg Tribune?

Record Type: Photo

Image of 54.15R21 - Print, Photographic

54.15R21 - Print, Photographic

Two railroad men, conductors[?] standing near railroad tracks, no date Handwritten on back: "Mill Valley"

Record Type: Photo

Image of 77.1.009 - Print, Photographic

77.1.009 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg High School Football game, late 1950s Advertisements on perimeter wall: W.C. Sanderson's, The Sports Center, Wittke's, Garrett Hardware, Brown's Market, Sanitary Dairy

Record Type: Photo

EI2015.02.020 - Print, Photographic

Alice Smith, 1855-1946

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2005.01.121 - Print, Photographic

2005.01.121 - Print, Photographic

POSTCARD From Collection of Sun House and Grace Hudson Museum, 431 S. Main St., Ukiah, CA 95482. Printed on back: "Pomo family (Jeff and Joseppa Dick) with their baskets. Pomo master weavers are among the most skilled in the world. The woman is using an awl in the making of a single rod coiled canoe basket."

Record Type: Photo

Image of 99.67.3 - Print, Photographic

99.67.3 - Print, Photographic

At Maacama School. No date.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2008.17.024 - Print, Photographic

2008.17.024 - Print, Photographic

Herma Mothorn, 1910

Record Type: Photo

Image of 458-1 - Print, Photographic

458-1 - Print, Photographic

William C. Fitch, 1880 Born 1862; died July 2, 1937, Healdsburg, Sonoma Co.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 77.1.021 - Print, Photographic

77.1.021 - Print, Photographic

View toward Dry Creek from west flank of Fitch Mountain, late 1950s

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2013.05.001 - Print, Photographic

EI2013.05.001 - Print, Photographic

Dry Creek General Store; Goodyear Brothers General Merchandise, 1918 Donor's father: Robert Lawrence Goodyear; donor's grandparents: Lloyd Sylvester Goodyear and Lydia Dorothy Goodyear. Born at Dry Creek Store (residence within) on May 25, 1919 (not sure if this refers to Lloyd or Lydia). Per Grandma: Ruby Baker lived near the store. Photo copntrobuted by grandchildren of Lloyd and Lydia: Carole, Robert, and Bobbie, 11-23-2012. Goodyear Bro ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 77.64.8i - Print, Photographic

77.64.8i - Print, Photographic

POST CARD Methodist Church

Record Type: Photo

Image of 4051P33 - Print, Photographic

4051P33 - Print, Photographic

A series of black-and-white photographs of the Cyrus Alexander Ranch on Highway 128 in Alexander Valley, April 1964 Because of duplicates many of the 44 are not scanned. Old fruit orchard

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2009.04.001 - Print, Photographic

EI2009.04.001 - Print, Photographic

Gene Warfield

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.1719.1 - Print, Photographic

88.1719.1 - Print, Photographic

Undated photo of firebell

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2007.01.023 - Print, Photographic

2007.01.023 - Print, Photographic

Portion of garden and home of Mrs Harry Latimer's home

Record Type: Photo