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Image of 513-26 - Print, Photographic

513-26 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Elementary School, Class of 1946 [graduating, 8th grade?] In 3rd, 4th, and top rows, it is difficult to tie names on back to faces on front because of irregular rows. Front row, left to right - Jim Watkins, Eddie Anderson, Louis Vichi, Neil Penry, Robert Salisbury, Jesse Smith, Richard Crepeau, Hermon Nock, Richard Watson, ???, George Eggleston, James Parks Second row - Joan Phillippe, Betty Bean, Betty Hutchinson, Lois Schwab, ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2006.01.009 - Print, Photographic

2006.01.009 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Grammar School, 1924 Home, Hygiene and Nursing Department. Students attending "patient".

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.996.1 - Print, Photographic

88.996.1 - Print, Photographic

July 4th - Healdsburg 1903. L to R: Nelli Gum, Gussie Lambert, Mabelle Seawell, Ethel Williams, Maude Robinson Record 2560P is a duplicate

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.3399.1 - Print, Photographic

88.3399.1 - Print, Photographic

Portrait of unidentified woman. Undated. Photo is from one of about 200 glass negatives.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2004.12.29 - Print, Photographic

2004.12.29 - Print, Photographic

Sharon Rae Greer and Kenneth LeRoy Millard wedding, 1964 Found in collection

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2006.01.013 - Image, Digital

EI2006.01.013 - Image, Digital

Photo taken in San Francisco, after the family had the family had moved there from Healdsburg. Standing in front is George Madeira, behind him is James or "Jim" Madeira, Ella (McLean) Madeira, and Louisa (Madeira) Powell.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0803 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0803 - Print, Photographic

Five men with towels over arms, as if acting as waiters, no date Left to right - Roy Haley, ?, Dr. Oakleaf, F. [Francis?] Passalacqua, Bob Allen Published in Healdsburg Tribune?

Record Type: Photo

Image of 184-9A - Print, Photographic

184-9A - Print, Photographic

Russian River in flood, Hwy 101 bridge in background, December 7, 1937

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2011.04.0253 - Print, Photographic

2011.04.0253 - Print, Photographic

Teacher's aid assists student at Fitch Mountain Elementary School behind stage during rehearsal of drama class, July 14, 1966 Aid Jon Meier on right.

Record Type: Photo

EI2012.13.001 - Print, Photographic

Ezequiel Meza's brothers and sisters and parents, 1977 Back row: Roberto, Ezequiel, Paul, Eliseo, Felimon, and Nicolas Meza Middle row: M. Luz Monroy, Paula Monroy, Bernabe Meza Front row: (Nacho with back to camera), Gloria, Aurora and Belen Meza

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2009.03.002 - Print, Photographic

EI2009.03.002 - Print, Photographic

The Catch, no date Left to right: Bill Ferguson, H. P. Meyer, and Ernie Meyer, salmon netted on Russian River, "highly illegal" per Bob Meyer. A digital copy of thios photo was found in the now-defunct wincoa folder and was titled "Alexander Valley." Not sure what that refers to.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 6409P - Print, Photographic

6409P - Print, Photographic

A page of an old ledger at the Steam Geysers showing Gen. U. S. Grant's signature, July 1880 See also enlarged copy, 269-85, not scanned

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.2646.1 - Print, Photographic

88.2646.1 - Print, Photographic

Story on back: FASHION SHOW: Jean Bany, second from left, models one of the fashions from Rosenberg and Bush, which will be shown at the Mothers Club Fashion Show Wednesday night at the high school for other models who will participate, left, Marianne Bratt, Mode O'Day, Janet Blasi and Ed Latson, Healdsburg Lanes. Spring and Easter fashions will be shown from Healdsburg department and specialty shops. March 1962

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2004.17.64a - Print, Photographic

2004.17.64a - Print, Photographic

Mrs. Mary Ruonavaara and her son Healdsburg Mayor Arthur Ruonavaara; Mrs. Ruonavaara, in addition to her four sons and two daughters, has taken care of over fifty foster children (best of two photos; also 2004.17.64b)

Record Type: Photo

Image of 53.3P4 - Print, Photographic

53.3P4 - Print, Photographic

Spillers & Maher Saddlery - 247 West St. L to R: Bill Maher, Charlie Spillers, Lute (?) Spillers c. 1914

Record Type: Photo

Image of 99.24.41f - Print, Photographic

99.24.41f - Print, Photographic

Oreste Scalione Series of photos of Oreste Scalione, 99.24.41a-.41l (filed in Box 23, Individuals, Sa-Sn). See also 2006.01.002-010, .022-.024, .039 (filed in Box 2006). All printed records are filed in Binder 36, Individuals Sa-Sn. Very faint writing in Italian on back of photo, see image #2

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.3376.1 - Print, Photographic

88.3376.1 - Print, Photographic

Undiudentified group of people at some type of celelbration. Undated. Photo is from one of about 200 glass negatives.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.368.1 - Print, Photographic

88.368.1 - Print, Photographic

Stone pile on the Russian River

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2005.59.004 - Print, Photographic

2005.59.004 - Print, Photographic

Hop Industry, Jacobs Ranch, 1948-1951 6195 Dry Creek Rd, harvesting hops Oversize photo (13.5 x 11.5 in) found in Oversize Photo box; Mounted on mat board.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 6220P - Print, Photographic

6220P - Print, Photographic

Yakima Bears Baseball Team. Francis Pasalacqua, Joe Orengo Spring Training in Healdsburg

Record Type: Photo