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Image of 2014.17.018 - Print, Photographic

2014.17.018 - Print, Photographic

Children of Jesse and Elzora Robinson, ca 1914 Left to rgiht - Smith Robinson, Mattie Irene Robinson, Katherline (Kathleen) Robinson, James Robinson

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2008.16.014 - Print, Photographic

2008.16.014 - Print, Photographic

George Greeott at home and at first reception for exhibit of his woodcraft and "Spike Men", 1998 Collection of 42 photographs taken at George's home on Chalk Hill Rd and at Museum during reception.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2014.01.068 - Print, Photographic

2014.01.068 - Print, Photographic

Livereau [Livreaux?] & Ely Sawmill, Guerneville, April 12, 1872 This is a set of 210 photographs taken by J. H. Downing between 1872 and 1882. Some of the photographs are stereographs and some are not. The originals of these photographs appear in the album 2012.02.301. Previously, many, but not all, of the photos in the album had been catalogued and recorded in PastPerfect (under a variety of Accession/Object ID numbers). The photographs in ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2004.17.51 - Print, Photographic

2004.17.51 - Print, Photographic

Garry Rosenberg, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.2565.1 - Print, Photographic

88.2565.1 - Print, Photographic

Phil Conran, Kiwanis Scholarship?, June 1957

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2012.09.098 - Print, Photographic

2012.09.098 - Print, Photographic

Annie, Mary "Grandma" Ridenhour, Ida and 2 grandchildren on front steps of a house, no date Set of 5 photographs affixed to gray photo album sheet. Copy: 2012.09.098. From collection of items from Cowperthwaite, Clark and Brown families.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 77.56.3g - Print, Photographic

77.56.3g - Print, Photographic

Caroline Humes Wolcott Beeson Born in Cuba, Allegheny Co., New York. Born October 13, 1827, died February 12, 1890

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.1344 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.1344 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair, no date 4-H boy showing beef Published by Healdsburg Tribune?

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0273 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0273 - Print, Photographic

Rev. Martin Crabb, Federated Church, no date Published in Healdsburg Tribune

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.1401 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.1401 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair, 1958 Boy showing swine at fair, either in judging, showmanship or auction. Dr. Charles Campbell at right center Published by Healdsburg Tribune?

Record Type: Photo

Image of 245-299 - Print, Photographic

245-299 - Print, Photographic

Unknown woman seated in bower of perhaps ivy, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of 1017P - Print, Photographic

1017P - Print, Photographic

Five men, no date Back row, left to right - Summers Brumfield, Jim Kennedy Front row, left to right - Mart Hooten, Crockett Gaines, Ben H. Barnes Also in pencil on back: "Crockett - 3; Geo. Kennedy - 1; Mart Hooten - 2; Ben H. Barnes " Entire photo and cardboard backing has been torn and repaired with tape.

Record Type: Photo

2017.11.002 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of Memorial Beach, probably 1970s or 1980s Mounted on firm board

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2005.38.057d - Print, Photographic

2005.38.057d - Print, Photographic

Three women in river (Russian?) fishing, no date This and other photos with 2005.38.057 object number are several of 49 photos in a small brown leather photo album (approx. 6.5" x 5") in the Pat Sorenson collection. Most are unidentified for location (Golden Gate Park, 1902 is only known location ; not scanned). Subjects: individual and group photos, houses, children, animals, fishing, livery, arch over river, train, buildings.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2015.14.011 - Print, Photographic

2015.14.011 - Print, Photographic

Small plane on tarmac at Sonoma County Airport; hangar and other small planes in background

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.400.1 - Print, Photographic

88.400.1 - Print, Photographic

June 1924 - Vivian Haigh 6th grade class - Miss Watson, Teacher 1. Joe Foppiano, 2. Edwin Luce, 3. Jack Earley, 4. George Tom, 5. Stanley Tate, 6. Herbert Rodchester, 7. Kenneth Pearson, 8. Edward Johnson, 9. Raymond Laughlin, 10. Albert Garret, 11. George Sandborn, 12. ? Relyea, 13. Raymond Hickman, 14. Leon Stoffel, 15. Everett Lockheart, 16. Miss Watson, 17. Dale Ester, 18. Suzan ?, 19. Elizabeth Eachus, 20. Ralph Carpenter, 21. Georgia Witte ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 5670P - Print, Photographic

5670P - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Grammar School, 2nd grade class. See also duplicate # 324-20.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0203 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0203 - Print, Photographic

Camp Fire Girls Dad and Daughter Banquet, group of Camp Fire Girls, 1961 Published in Healdsburg Tribune, March 16, 1961

Record Type: Photo

Image of 00.20.2 - Print, Photographic

00.20.2 - Print, Photographic

Winfred (Fred) Clark, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2010.12.003a - Print, Photographic

EI2010.12.003a - Print, Photographic

Ed Langhart at City Hall Archives, 1972 Original scan was with two photos on page; see Image #2 for full page.

Record Type: Photo