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Image of 2014.09.016 - Print, Photographic

2014.09.016 - Print, Photographic

Marge, Jirah, Tamalpais Robert Leard family photos; Faye Smith was friend of family

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0284 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0284 - Print, Photographic

Fundraising plan campaign at Salvation Army, 1957 Per newspaper clipping affixed to back of photo: "Plan campaign: Members of the Healdsburg Salvation Army Extension Service Committee met recently at the Bank of America to discuss plans for upcoming fund raising campaign. Shown here, left to right, are S. H. Cooley, Major Stewart Kelso, Northern California and Nevada Director of the Salvation Army's rural and extension program, Byron Gibbs and ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 53.3P40 - Print, Photographic

53.3P40 - Print, Photographic

Dr. Rupe's Residence "Eastside Plaza" "Dr. Rupe"

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2011.04.0982 - Print, Photographic

2011.04.0982 - Print, Photographic

Portrait of grave-digger Lino, November 3, 1955 Per newspaper article affixed on back of photo: "Portrait: Causing much favorable comment is this portrait painting of Lino, painted by Louis Galeazzi, Healdsburg artist, columnist and insurance man. The painting, a life-like study of Lino, Healdsburg grave-digger, is now on display in the window of Filis' Art Craft Shop, 338 Center St. an excellent character study, Galeazzi has caught a true expr ...

Record Type: Photo

2016.21.012 - Print, Photographic

New lake filling with muddy water, 1980s Collection of about 750 color slides (in one box) plus 15 photographs. Acquired from the estate of Coni Beeson, photographer for the Warm Springs Dam Project. Photos date from 1970s through mid-1980s.

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2014.01.053 - Print, Photographic

EI2014.01.053 - Print, Photographic

Dr. Emerson Meyer, no date Set of 53 digital images fround in Public/Wincoa/Doctors folder on Museum computer (EI2014.01.028-.080). All pertaining to doctors that practiced in the Healdsburg area in the 1970s and 1980s.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2011.04.0786 - Print, Photographic

2011.04.0786 - Print, Photographic

Demonstrating football kick-off, August 11, 1966 left to right - Jeff Jeffrey, Ted Robinson, Don Moran, Howard Hartman. Holder and kicker not known.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.1545a - Print, Photographic

2009.30.1545a - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair Parade, 1959 Per newspaper clipping affixed to back of photo: "Junior High School Parent Teachers Club. Third place in floats." See also identical 2009.30.1545b, not scanned. Published by Healdsburg Tribune, May 28, 1959

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.1692 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.1692 - Print, Photographic

Windsor 4-H club participates in National 4-H Week at Healdsburg Bank of America, 1953 Per newspaper clipping affixed to back of photo: The Windsor 4-H Club display in the lobby of the Bank of America, Healdsburg, depicted the opportunities open to 4-H club members from their entrance to All-Star rating. The display, which observed National 4-H Club Week, March 7-15, was made by Bonnie Sheldon, junior leader of the Windsor Club, tony Craver, Cl ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 199-214 - Print, Photographic

199-214 - Print, Photographic

Broken automobile window. From Tribune 12-12-1965

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2015.10.364 - Negative, Film

2015.10.364 - Negative, Film

Roy Roberts House, Pump House; 1951 Hall Insurance Negatives and Photos. Set of 2,290 negatives and prints taken by representative(s) of Hall Insurance Company for private owners insuring through Hall. Negatives were originally grouped in small envelopes based on owner (or insured) name and by date. Each envelope was issued an ObjectID; could be one or more envelopes per name because photos were taken in different years. Photographs are of ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.1263.1 - Print, Photographic

88.1263.1 - Print, Photographic

Sign up for league play - Sept. 1960. See next photo for newspaper article from rear of this photo.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2004.17.27 - Print, Photographic

2004.17.27 - Print, Photographic

Mrs. Rossi, December 1964

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0601 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0601 - Print, Photographic

Hank Dobson, baseball manager for Healdsburg Prune Packers, 1954 Published in Healdsburg Tribune, June 10, 1954

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2011.04.0546 - Print, Photographic

2011.04.0546 - Print, Photographic

Rita Mae Hearn crowned Campfire Girls Redwood Empire Area Queen, April 1966 Per newspaper article with photo: "Camp Fire Queen - A special party at the home of Mrs. Frank Wilson, Camp Fire Girls leader, last week, was given in honor of Rita Mae Hearn, who was recently crowned queen of the Redwood Empire Council for selling the most boxes of mints during the annual sale. She sold more than 300 boxes. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hearn ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 270-12.19 - Print, Photographic

270-12.19 - Print, Photographic

Construction of new City Hall - June 13, 1961

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2008.09.073 - Print, Photographic

EI2008.09.073 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Garden Club, 75th Anniversary, June 2007 Photos taken at Fred Young's home, Alexander Valley

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.2333.1 - Print, Photographic

88.2333.1 - Print, Photographic

Unidentified ceremony honoring civic leaders. - August 1965. L to R; Al Giorgi, Henry Luehring, Rene Revel, Sheriff John Arthur Ellis, Jr.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2005.01.337 - Print, Photographic

2005.01.337 - Print, Photographic

"Load Luggers"; three trucks parked near buildings, August 1965 Note on back of photo indicates this photo ran in 8-26-1965 edition of Tribune; found it as an ad for Bell Chevy-Olds

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2004.47.144 - Print, Photographic

2004.47.144 - Print, Photographic

Unknown man, no date Same man as photo 2004.47.146; probably is the same photo, smaller version

Record Type: Photo