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Image of 88.3139.1 - Print, Photographic

88.3139.1 - Print, Photographic

Maxine Ballard

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2015.18.018 - Print, Photographic

2015.18.018 - Print, Photographic

Evalee Calhoun, at Muir Woods Part of collection of William Calhoun

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.0054 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.0054 - Print, Photographic

Flooding, Mill Street Same view as 2009.30.0053 minus the Jeep. Per newspaper clipping on back of .0053 photo: "Motorists going along Mill Street Sunday noon were confronted by many inches of water on the road. In the background are the field which are covered with water from the heavy rainfall Saturday night." Published in Healdsburg Tribune, December 6-8, 1952

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2005.03.002 - Image, Digital

EI2005.03.002 - Image, Digital

Beneficiary of the Salvation Army Alcohol Rehabilitation Center working on his required journal. Between 1980 - 1990

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2005.63.035 - Print, Photographic

2005.63.035 - Print, Photographic

Will Cummings, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2006.01.440 - Print, Photographic

2006.01.440 - Print, Photographic

Southern Pacific engine No. 636, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of 400-93 - Print, Photographic

400-93 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Grammar School, 2A and 3A Grades, 1932

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2012.01.022 - Print, Photographic

EI2012.01.022 - Print, Photographic

POSTCARD Dog on porch with woman (not identifiable) on side. Reverse message: Dear Alta: Do you know this picture? Hope you and all are well again. It is terrible warm here today. Getting ready for the 4th. Where are you folks going on the 4th? I know what I'll be doing, WORKING. Awful busy now. Love to all, from Lottie. " Postmark not readable. Addressed to: "Miss Alta Clark, Box 242, Willits, Cal.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 00.22.4 - Print, Photographic

00.22.4 - Print, Photographic

Claude Farris, golfing at Tayman Park, no date

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2008.01.181 - Print, Photographic

2008.01.181 - Print, Photographic

Mitchell Family, Seventh Day Adventist Church, 1954

Record Type: Photo

Image of 4929P - Print, Photographic

4929P - Print, Photographic

Russian River Packing Co. Across from Railroad Depot. Later Healdsburg Packing Co.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 229-291 - Print, Photographic

229-291 - Print, Photographic

Camping at the coast around 1910. Phillips or Hendricks family in party.

Record Type: Photo

Image of EI2008.05.045 - Print, Photographic

EI2008.05.045 - Print, Photographic

Photographs of California Timber Products Co. Stop and loader with logs. Hook on center arm can also turn logs or cants. Bandmill is out of picture lower right. Photographs held in brown plastic binder loaned by Frank Zak showing various aspects of the construction and operation of the mill (1954-1970s) located 3 miles east of Annapolis on Annapolis Road. See EI2008.05.056 for a written narrative of the history of the mill. Photographs tak ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.1320.1 - Print, Photographic

88.1320.1 - Print, Photographic

William Ira. Beeson (center) and 2 unidentified men in front of Beeson's Horseshoeing facility on Center Street, across from Plaza just south of Downing residence. About 1900.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2005.01.264 - Print, Photographic

2005.01.264 - Print, Photographic

Series of twelve black and white photographs of farm buildings (houses, sheds, barns) near Healdsburg. No information on location or owner, no date. Attached to the back of each is a sleeve with the negative to that photo.

Record Type: Photo

Image of 88.944.1 - Print, Photographic

88.944.1 - Print, Photographic

Sheep Dog trials - 1951

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2015.10.252 - Negative, Film

2015.10.252 - Negative, Film

Elaine & Charles McDowell, house, March 1942 Hall Insurance Negatives and Photos. Set of 2,290 negatives and prints taken by representative(s) of Hall Insurance Company for private owners insuring through Hall. Negatives were originally grouped in small envelopes based on owner (or insured) name and by date. Each envelope was issued an ObjectID; could be one or more envelopes per name because photos were taken in different years. Photograph ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of 2009.30.1428 - Print, Photographic

2009.30.1428 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair, 1958 Per newspaper clipping affixed to back of photo: "Demonstration: Allan [Allen] Gradek, left and Greg Steindorf, right, members of the Healdsburg 4-H Club, who will demonstrate the proper daily maintenance of the tractor at the Future Farmers Country Fair." Published by Healdsburg Tribune May 15, 1958

Record Type: Photo

Image of 229-286 - Print, Photographic

229-286 - Print, Photographic

Maud Phillips, 1897, Age 16

Record Type: Photo

Image of 400-79 - Print, Photographic

400-79 - Print, Photographic

Healdsburg Grammar School, Grade 2 and 3, 1926 Same as 400-78 Students unidentified

Record Type: Photo